Packaged Pump Stations

Modular Water Systems™ specializes in the design and manufacturing of pump stations utilizing SRTP materials.

Our pump station technology represents a total departure and radical improvement in pump station functionality compared to conventional pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete delivery methods.

Our structural plastic engineered designs are far superior to flimsy and less capable fiberglass structures. Sizes range from 48-inch to 132-inch diameter and up to 50-feet installation depths.

Superior Capabilities include:

  • HDPE Plastic materials will last at least 100-years.
  • No more expensive concrete coatings or liner systems to fail.
  • Dual Wall materials ensure leak free systems.
  • No more fears related to damaged fiberglass during installation.
  • Rapid installation and field commissioning
  • Fully customizable for any installation configuration or purpose
  • Partial and Complete Packages (choice of pumps and controls)

Please contact us for more information on SRTP Pump Station Packages.